Math Currency Exchange Project

In this currency exchange project, students budget for gifts and then find out how much it would cost in various countries.  The presented their results in a method of their choosing, ranging from videos to creating websites in Adobe Slate.  Additionally, they were asked to reflect on their process.

Regions of the United States

Our region is the Southeast. What I did not know that some people travel on boats instead of airplanes. My group and I work great together! We improved on finding our research just fine! The information that inspired me to research on this land was that the trees give oranges and that they have tropical forests with alligators. -Angelina

 I learned that the Western Region has 2 different categories within it. They are the pacific and mountain states. The West also includes the famous islands of Hawaii and also the very cold Alaska. This region covers almost half of the U.S and is the largest region in the country. I think I was impressed by all the landmarks and different geographic times, settings, and weather. I really loved learning about this region and all of its really fun facts. I think I can improve on working in a group by being a lot more creative. We can think of different web pages to find information and agree on everything we want to do. -Gregorio

I learned that our region has over 400 landmarks. We could improve our poster by adding more landmarks and also putting the names of the names of the landmarks. What impressed me the most was Hershey, Pennsylvania because that's where the world's best chocolate is made. I love Hershey, Pennsylvania. -Tyler

I learned that in each region every state has at least one landmark. I was impressed that Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota, because l want to go and see Mount Rushmore. I could improve working in my group by paying more attention to my group. -Edgardo

I learned new things about my region: the Southwest. I learned about new landmarks and valuable things such as oil and coal. Oil made a huge difference in Texas when they found it. People also had to use coal to cook. In group work, I could improve by doing what I am assigned faster. The amount of landmarks in the Southwest and how big they are impresses me. The Grand Canyon is a mile deep and The Golden Driller Statue is huge. -Luca

Everyday Making: Innovative Wallet Designs

A fifth-grade student has a unique hobby: she designs custom wallets and purses from duct tape based on the requests of her clients.  Her intricate designs incorporate real zippers, clear id holders, and slots for credit cards (or iTunes cards, in the case of most elementary students!).  She shared her story in an interview below.

Native American Pottery Project

This is my Native American pottery project. Each color means something different, the darker orange represents the clay the Hopi tribe made their houses out of. The lighter yellows and oranges represent the sun and how hot it is. The only thing I would have done differently was tone down the buffing out of the colors.

I chose Cerulean because it is a soothing color. It reminds me of the ocean waves gently lapping on the beach. This represented the sky to the Native Americans. It is a royal color and was used in many ceremonies.

This is my pottery bowl. We colored the bowl with chalk. The red represents the blood shed in tribal battles. The yellow stands for the sun that was shining on the pueblos. The orange stands for the sand that the Appache tribe walked on. The bowl is very interesting and I hope you like it.

Scarlet is a much deeper color than red. Scarlet is the color of fire. Fire may be a small light but it still lights up the night sky. Fire also warms people by the campfire. Scarlet represents fire.

This project was very hard and fun at the same time. The colors on this project are turquoise and they represent the river in my poem.

In Social Studies class we wrote Native American poems about colors and nature related to the Native Tribes. I chose the color Amethyst. We then colored the pot our chosen color. My poem was about flowers and the Comanche women. 
I chose the color obsidian, (black), because it can represent the Shoshone tribe sleeping in a peaceful, dark night. I enjoyed this project.

During Social Studies, we have been studying Native Americans. We had to write a story, a poem, color a piece of Native American pottery and make some type of Native American craft. This is a picture of the pottery we colored and my poem. I wrote over ten poems, but I decided this was my favorite. My poem is about the color orchid and when the Native Americans came in contact with that color. I made my pottery with chalk. Overall this was a fun filled project that I loved!

Electromagnet Motor

This is my electromagnet motor. It's made of wire rubber bands a cup battery's and a switch. The way we got it too work is we pressed the switch repeatedly instead of holding. Other reason it worked is that it was organized.

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